Wedding Dress Alterations

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Wedding Dress Alterations

Wedding Dress Alterations | Kim's Alterations & Embroidery - York, PA

It’s not unusual for wedding gowns to need some type of alteration. Wedding dress alterations are not difficult, but they are important. Specific alterations vary from bride to bride. The expert seamstresses at Kim’s Alterations & Embroidery understand how important your gown is to you, and we are thrilled to play this part in your wedding day!

In order to expedite your wedding dress alterations, we have this advice:

• Timing—Timing is everything when it comes to have your wedding gown altered. Begin the process too soon and you may end up with a less than perfect fit. Begin too late and we may not have enough time to make changes. Allow us 60 to 90 days to ensure a proper fit!

• Bring it All—Don’t just bring your dress! When it’s time for a fitting, bring your undergarments and shoes as well. We suggest that you even bring your veil and accessories!

• Bring a Friend—It can help to have another set of eyes during your fittings. Bring a trusted friend who will tell you the truth about your dress and the way it fits!

• Budget—Keep in mind that simple alterations will be more cost effective. When your entire dress needs to be reworked, the cost can quickly add up. Always keep your budget in mind when choosing a dress that will need to be altered.

Wedding dress alterations our one of our specialties here at Kim’s Alterations & Embroidery in York, PA! We are excited to make your dress fit your beautifully! Contact us today to set up an appointment for a fitting!

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