Garment Alterations

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Garment Alterations

Garment Alterations | Kim's Alterations & Embroidery - York, PA

Many people question when garment alterations make sense. This is something that we are asked frequently. Does it always make good financial sense to have a garment altered? No.

At Kim’s Alterations & Embroidery, we are happy to perform garment alterations. We are just as quick to tell you when it may not make monetary sense to alter your clothing. Here is a bit of advice to follow when it comes to garment alterations:

Alterations That Make Sense:

• Hemming—When your pants are too long, you not only run the risk of tripping over them, but the bottoms quickly become stained. Hemming is a quick and affordable fix.

• Rips—Rips and tears are often an easy fix when you know what you are doing. Don’t throw away your favorite pair of pants because you’ve gotten a hole in them!

• Lengthening—When you need a shirt or a pair of pants lengthened by 1” or less, bring it to us. If you need it lengthened more, let us take a look at the garment and tell you if there is enough fabric.

• Taking In—Whether you’ve lost weight of simply couldn’t find clothing in your exact size, we are happy to take in the waist and hips. We can even take in the chest when necessary.

When To Skip Alterations:

• Too Big Garments—When your clothing is more than 3 sizes too large, altering can throw off the proportions. You are better off finding the same or a similar garment in your current size.

• Beaded Garments—With the exception of wedding gowns, it is often not advisable to let out a garment with beads or sequins. Finding beads and sequins that match can be difficult, and the work will often cost more than the garment itself.

• Lengthening Waists—Lengthening the waist of your jeans or taking up the crotch will cause proportions to be unbalanced. This is especially true if there are pockets on your pants.

We are happy to perform garment alterations on any article of clothing that you have. We don’t believe that it is excellent customer service to perform alterations that will cost you more than the garment did in the first place!

Bring your clothing to Kim’s Alterations & Embroidery in York, PA and we will tell you if garment alterations are sensible!

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